A Child’s Imagination Or A True Glimpse Into A Past Life? This Little Girl Claims That She Used To Sail The Seas As A Pirate

Photocreo Bednarek - illustrative purposes only

What would you do if your child suddenly claimed to remember trauma they experienced from a former life?

How do you respond to their statements? You might just dismiss it as a byproduct of a child’s active imagination. Or maybe you should seek out a child psychiatrist.

On average, a child starts talking about their past life around three years old, which is when their communication skills begin to improve. It’s common for children to tell stories of that nature, so it’s usually not a cause for concern.

While science cannot back up the idea that everyone has past lives, there is also no evidence against it.

Experts have documented plenty of reincarnation cases from kids who gave eerily specific details about past lives that matched actual descriptions of people who had died.

Whether you believe past life memories are real or not, you should never have a big reaction when faced with a child telling you about how they used to be someone else.

If a child begins spouting out details of a past life, maintain a calm demeanor, listen carefully, and validate their experiences.

A TikTok account that goes by the handle @p_g_stories_official shared a video of a little girl telling a story about her past life in which she was a pirate.

In the video, the girl is seated at a table on what appears to be an outdoor patio. She fidgets with the table’s surface as she casually states how she wishes she could be a pirate again.

Photocreo Bednarek – illustrative purposes only

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