His Best Friend’s Wedding Might Be Called Off After His Best Friend Found Out That His Fiancée Purposely Never Mailed Him An Invitation

gorynvd - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 32-year-old man and his best friend, Alex, 32, have known each other since they were infants. They are so close that they consider each other family.

Once they graduated from college, they both returned to their hometown so that they could live with their parents before feeling financially stable enough to move out on their own.

About four and a half years ago, Alex got into a relationship with Stella, 35. Even though Stella was a great woman, he thought she didn’t seem to like him too much, but he didn’t know why.

Stella didn’t do anything overt to make it clear that she didn’t like him, but it was more subtle. For the most part, he brushed it off.

Early this year, he received a save-the-date card in the mail for Alex and Stella’s wedding. When he talked with Alex, it sounded like Alex was planning to include him in the wedding party as a groomsman or even best man.

However, nothing was ever set in stone about it, and he was never officially asked to be in the wedding party.

A couple of months before the wedding, he saw a social media post indicating that the invitations had already been sent out.

He assumed that his invitation was on the way, but he never received it. After a couple of weeks, he wondered if his invitation had been lost in the mail, so he decided to find out from Alex.

“I called Alex and had a brief conversation with him where he was clearly agitated and said he was dealing with a lot, would be incommunicado for the near future, to direct any wedding-related questions to Stella, and he’d call me when things cooled off,” he said.

gorynvd – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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