She Angered Her Boyfriend After She Told Him She Didn’t Love His Kids Yet Since She Had Only Met Them Once

Bojan - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Meeting your partner’s kids from another marriage is a situation that comes with a lot of pressure. But can you imagine being asked whether or not you love them right after meeting them?

One woman recently angered her boyfriend after she told him she didn’t love them yet because she had only met them once.

She’s 35 and dating her 38-year-old boyfriend, Tyler. Tyler has two daughters from a previous marriage: Ava, who is 11-years-old, and Lexi, who is 15-years-old. 

She’s been dating Tyler for six months, and a few days ago, he introduced her to his daughters for the very first time at dinner. She was very excited to meet Tyler’s daughters and thought they were sweet, funny, and charming. Things went very well, and she felt they all got along.

The next day, while she was with Tyler, they started talking about his girls. Suddenly, Tyler told her how excited he was for her to become their “mom,” which took her aback. Although they’ve been together for six months, she hasn’t given any thought to marrying Tyler yet. 

She told him that sounded nice but didn’t elaborate further as she became uncomfortable. Tyler looked at her funny before asking her if she loved his kids.

“I told him no,” she recalled.

“He was shocked. I explained that I had only met Ava and Lexi once [and] I barely knew them. They’re sweet kids and all, but I don’t consider them my kids yet. He went off on me and made a scene, yelling that I’m a horrible person to not love my own future kids.”

She feels bad about Tyler’s reaction, as she certainly likes his daughters and could see herself becoming a member of their family someday, but that would be in the far-off future.

Bojan – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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