She Doesn’t Want To Attend Her Dad’s Fourth Wedding Because Children Aren’t Allowed, And She Thinks Her Dad’s Fiancée Is Behind The Rule

To make matters even worse, she is supposed to attend a friend’s wedding the day right before her dad’s ceremony, and her friend is allowing children at the event. So, she’s been having a very difficult time understanding why her father doesn’t want his grandchildren at his wedding.

“If my kids were ill-mannered, I’d understand. But they’re not,” she explained. “We always get compliments when we’re out about how well-behaved they are.”

She knows it’s not a monetary concern, either, since her father wouldn’t even have to pay for plates for her kids at the event. Instead, she was just going to purchase the children some McDonald’s to eat beforehand.

Finally, she doesn’t think her dad’s wedding venue is anything fancy. It’s actually going to be much more low-key, with a small-town family vibe, and she’s been to plenty of events that were much more “fancy” and still allowed children.

This has led her to believe that it’s her dad’s fiancée who doesn’t want the kids there.

“I feel like this is her idea as her grandkids are all adults, so the only ones who’d be missing out are great-grandkids, and they are babies,” she revealed.

That’s why she plans to call her sister to talk it over as well as her father. But, as of right now, she doesn’t really want to attend her dad’s wedding anymore, and she’s not sure whether that makes her a jerk or not.

Is her father allowed to have a child-free wedding? At the same time, does she have a right not to attend if she doesn’t want to? How would you handle this situation?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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