She Had An Outburst And Started Screaming At Her Parents That Her Fiancé Earns More Than The Two of Them After They Wouldn’t Stop Judging Him For His Construction Job

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Unfortunately, people love to assume they know just how much or how little money you make based on your job, hobbies, where you live, etc., and judge you based on that assumption.

One woman recently had an outburst and revealed her fiancé’s high salary after her parents wouldn’t stop judging him for his construction job.

She comes from a family that always had prestigious, well-paying jobs. She followed her family tradition and now has a successful career and a high salary. A while ago, she met her fiancé under some interesting circumstances.

“When I met my fiancé, he was at my house to supervise a roofing crew the insurance company hired to replace my damaged roof,” she said.

“I instantly fell for him when he pulled up in his truck and couldn’t keep my eyes off of him for the rest of the day as he gave orders to his men. When we started dating, he was vague about his job, and I just chalked it up to him being insecure about me having a better career.”

When they started getting serious, she would start talking about her future with her fiancé. She figured they’d have an income imbalance but could get through it. Then, her fiancé revealed that he was much wealthier than she thought. He owns a handful of construction lots and shopping centers and makes more money than her dad, who is a surgeon.

Her fiancé told her he doesn’t like to tell many people about his salary and specifically asked her not to share it with anyone.

Unfortunately, that didn’t last too long.

Despite him soon becoming an official member of her family, her parents have been teasing her husband for his profession. They see him as less than because of his construction job and don’t approve of him. 

gpointstudio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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