She Had An Outburst And Started Screaming At Her Parents That Her Fiancé Earns More Than The Two of Them After They Wouldn’t Stop Judging Him For His Construction Job

“My dad coined the term’ tool boy’, and the rest of my family joined in whenever they talk behind my fiancé’s back,” she explained.

“They don’t call him that to his face but instead make snide remarks. Once, my mom said during dinner that they’re thinking about hiring someone to mow their lawn, then turned to my fiancé and asked him what he charges. I always try to defend him, and it’s a constant battle.”

Her parents’ crude remarks had gotten worse when she started planning her wedding, and recently, she snapped. She was hanging out with her parents when they started nagging her to sign a prenuptial agreement. Then, her dad said, “You have to protect your assets just in case tool boy decides to go slumming.”

She lost it and started yelling at her parents. 

“During our shouting, I blurted out his earnings and that he makes more than both of them combined, then I stormed out,” she recalled.

“I told my fiancé what happened, but instead of supporting me, he got mad that I told [them] that. I argued that I was defending him, and then we got into an argument.”

Now, her parents are mad at her for keeping her fiancé’s salary a secret, while her fiancé is mad at her for revealing that secret.

How can she make this situation right with her fiancé?

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