She Reprimanded A Teenager At Her Sister’s Birthday Party, And Then Her Sister Kicked Her Out of The Party


Have you ever been in an environment with kids and had to step in and scold or stop someone else’s kid because they were really acting up?

One woman recently scolded a teenager at her sister’s birthday party after he was bothering her niece and trying to get her in trouble. Then, she got scolded by the teenager’s father.

She’s 34 and recently attended her sister’s 40th birthday party with her husband. It was a big gathering, and there were a lot of people and kids she had never met before.

As the party died down, many parents left with their younger kids, but a few teenagers stuck around, including her sister’s two teenagers.

While helping her sister clean up toward the end of the party, she overheard her 16-year-old niece conversing with an 18-year-old boy.

“He was trying to encourage her to take some of the leftover alcohol before the adults noticed, and my niece was repeatedly telling him that she did not want to,” she recalled.

“At this point, I will not lie; I was absolutely eavesdropping because it seemed to be getting worse and worse by the second. I think they thought they were being quiet and not drawing attention but didn’t anticipate me standing where I could hear them.”

Suddenly, she heard the boy start making inappropriate advances toward her niece, telling her that if she took the alcohol, he would “show her a good time later,” and her niece rejected him in disgust. That’s when she knew she needed to step in and intervene.

“I walked over and asked the boy how dare he speak to someone like that,” she said.


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