She’s Heartbroken To Know That Her Husband Has Feelings For Another Woman, And She’s Not Sure If She Should Leave Him Or Not

rilueda - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old woman and her 48-year-old husband are one month away from celebrating their five-year anniversary, but things are not going well between them.

Her husband works as a general contractor, and over the summer, in June to be exact, she found out that her husband was speaking to a woman who is his client in an inappropriate way.

She did decide to confront her husband over this, and he did apologize to her before promising that he would never let it occur again.

Unfortunately, he didn’t keep this promise to her. She later discovered that her husband was still texting this woman, and it wasn’t about anything that had to do with work.

She once again told her husband that it was not alright to be speaking to this woman in that way.

He said sorry once more and insisted he would be done. She could tell he didn’t want to stop talking to this other woman, though.

“About a month ago, I found a deleted text on his phone saying he couldn’t wait to see her,” she explained.

“Since then, our relationship has been terrible. We argue every day, [and] every time I ask him why he did what he did, he gets angry and changes the subject.”

She has flat-out asked her husband if he would prefer to be with this other woman instead of her, and he won’t give her an answer.

rilueda – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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