She’s Refusing To Bleach Her Hair Just To Be A Bridesmaid In Her Friend’s Winter Wonderland-Themed Wedding

alekuwka83 - illustrative purposes only

This 25-year-old woman was asked to be a bridesmaid in her 24-year-old friend Zoe’s wedding, which is set to take place in December 2024. So, just a few days ago, the whole bridal party got together to discuss the plan for dresses, hair, and makeup.

At first, Zoe’s requests all seemed reasonable, too. Her friend envisions having a winter wonderland-themed wedding, so the bridesmaids will all wear different shades of blue dresses that are lined up as a gradient. As for accessories, Zoe pictured silver accents, soft makeup, and snowflake jewelry.

Finally, her friend wanted the bridesmaids who did not have blue eyes to wear blue contacts.

“The last one’s a bit weird, but it’s no big deal to me. I’ve worn color contacts for Halloween,” she said.

However, her friend wound up revealing one more request– which she just could not appease. Apparently, Zoe wanted everyone to get their hair dyed.

For context, Zoe is a natural blonde who wants to dye her hair platinum for the wedding. A few other bridesmaids are also already natural blondes.

But, the rest of the bridal party is comprised of two brunettes (including her), one strawberry blonde, and one redhead. It’s crucial to note that she is also the only bridesmaid who has never dyed her hair.

“I’ve considered it, but I can never stay settled on what I want to do, and I’d hate to spend money on something I end up hating,” she explained.

Not to mention, when she was between the ages of 5 and 13, her mom would flat iron her hair nearly every day. All of that heat really damaged her hair, and she believes that’s why her hair is thinner now than in the past.

alekuwka83 – illustrative purposes only

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