She’s Thinking of Making Her Cousin Pay For His Girlfriend’s $200 Plate Because She Didn’t Show Up For Her Wedding

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For the last two months, this 27-year-old woman’s cousin, 24, has been in a relationship.

Several times, her cousin has badgered her and her fiancé, 27, asking if he can bring his girlfriend to their wedding.

“We haven’t even met his girlfriend, and he’s also asked to invite her to another family gathering (graduation dinner), where my aunt had to pay per person as well, and my cousin’s girlfriend didn’t show up,” she said.

Since she and her fiancé want to have a more personal wedding, they have been more particular about who is allowed to bring a plus one.

Each time her cousin has asked, she and her fiancé have told him that the only way they’ll allow his girlfriend to come to the wedding is if either they are introduced to them or if other guests decline their wedding invites.

Because their wedding is already expensive enough as it is, at about $200 per guest, they don’t want to allow her cousin’s girlfriend without at least meeting her first or knowing that with some other guests attending, the costs could be balanced out a bit.

“It was already a bad look that she didn’t show up to a family gathering she was invited to with the same circumstance of having to pay per person,” she explained.

So, she and her fiancé reiterated this to her cousin. However, he assured her that he would pay for his girlfriend’s plate, pending that she was allowed to attend the wedding.

“He said that he would make sure that she would come this time, so we gave in and invited her, considering our wedding is the first big wedding out of the grandchildren,” she continued.

IVASHstudio – illustrative purposes only

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