Stop Letting Bugs Bug You: Six Hidden Things Attracting Pests To Your Yard And How To Fix It

rh2010 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Most homeowners with green thumbs take great pride in their gardens. The vibrant colors and sweet fragrances help us feel more in touch with nature (and are a visual reminder that all of your hard landscaping work is paying off).

However, gardens can sometimes attract unwanted guests. These tiny invaders can turn your serene space into a battleground, and nobody wants that.

So, to protect your garden and mental peace, here are some strategies to combat the most common things that attract pesky garden visitors.

Stop Ignoring Standing Water

You might love your bird bath, but leaving standing water in your yard is like sending out an open invitation to mosquitoes.

Whether it’s an untreated pond or simply an old bucket filled with rainwater, standing water can become a breeding ground for these buzzing nuisances.

To prevent this, just be diligent about dumping out containers that collect water, and consider installing a small pump or fountain in your pond or bird bath to keep the water moving.

Lush Greenery And Overgrowth

Thick, overgrown foliage is a favorite hiding spot for a variety of pests like ticks and rodents. Regularly trim back shrubs, grasses, and trees to deter these pests from making themselves at home.

rh2010 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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