He Bribed A Psychic With $100 To Tell His Sister That She Had A Grim Future Due To Her Weight, But His Sister Found Out About His Plan And Now Thinks He’s Horrible

prostooleh - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man and his family are concerned for his 27-year-old sister’s health.

At 5’1”, his sister is 280 pounds.

“She has been having terrible respiratory problems and has to sleep with a sleep apnea machine. She is prediabetic, and now, even walking upstairs, she has injured her feet,” he said.

In order to help, he and his family have done it all: They’ve cooked healthier meals for her, offered her memberships to gyms, and even tried to get her a personal trainer. However, his sister rejected their help and insisted that she was healthier than the majority of women skinnier than her.

“Now, my sister is really into the supernatural: Ouija boards, astrology. She has wanted to take my girlfriend to a new psychic for the longest time. So, I told my girlfriend to go, and beforehand, I bribed the psychic with $100 (I tried with $50, but she wanted more) to paint a really grim future to my sister about her health,” he explained.

Just as he’d hoped, when his girlfriend and his sister went to the reading, the psychic told his sister that she could see major health issues in her future. The psychic went on to say that her sister would permanently be in a wheelchair and that she’d “lose her freedom and independence.”

At this, his sister had a panic attack so bad that the psychic and his girlfriend had to help her relax.

Once his sister calmed down, she and his girlfriend left, and his sister seemed to have taken the psychic’s reading to heart.

“She buys brand new workout clothes. For a whole week, she actually decides to make some health-conscious decisions. Uses less creamer in her iced coffees, starts drinking diet sodas, and even has some salad before lunch. Things were looking up. However, she went back to the psychic, and the psychic confessed that I had bribed her. Now, my sister thinks I am the worst person ever. She told me that I am sick for corrupting her psychic,” he shared.

prostooleh – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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