Not A Single Kid Responded To Invitations For Her Daughter’s Birthday Party, Which Made Her Daughter Cry

famveldman - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

While many understand that it is a common courtesy to RSVP to party invitations, you would be surprised about how many people do not provide a response at all.

TikTok user and mother Lacey Keighron (@momofthe5ks) shares how she and her daughter, Lily, were both let down by receiving zero responses to Lily’s birthday invitations.

Lacey, clearly emotional, hopped onto TikTok to advise parents to respond to any birthday invitations that their children might get.

It can be really hard not knowing whether anyone will show up, and at some point, you have to prepare for the worst. She shares how important RSVPs can really be, no matter if the answer is yes, maybe, or no.

Lacey’s daughter had a really rough birthday last year after her grandfather died 3 days prior, and her classmates bullied her.

She brought enough cupcakes for everyone in her class, but by the time she got back to her desk, she could tell that her cupcake had been poked at.

Not wanting to let the bullies win, Lily went ahead and ate the cupcake regardless. Later, the bullies told her that what she thought was a cream filling was actually a piece of cheese.

Lily and her mother were extremely upset, especially after the school paid no mind to the incident when it was brought up.

The amount of bullying at that school is part of what led to Lily being homeschooled for the beginning portion of this year, and she didn’t return back to public school until about halfway through the school year.

famveldman – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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