Her Friend Wants To Bring Her Family On Their Girl’s Trip To Trinidad, So She Told Her She Can’t Come

ValentinValkov - - illustrative purposes only

This 25-year-old woman and her friends all work on different schedules. But they really love hanging out and keep trying to make plans that fit with each other’s schedule.

More recently, she and her friends also just decided to take the plunge and plan a girl’s trip. After all, they felt like they all really needed a good break.

So, she and her friend group hopped on a Zoom call to narrow down which country they wanted to visit.

“We didn’t want to go to a cold country because where we live, it is already cold,” she said.

That’s why they wound up settling on going to Trinidad for a whole week. And they were all so excited that the very next day, she and her friends went shopping for both bathing suits and other personal supplies.

Then, following the shopping trip, everyone went online to try and purchase their plane tickets. However, one of her friends, who is 24, has not yet paid for a flight.

According to her, this is because her friend wanted to bring their family along– which includes their boyfriend and kids. But she and her other friends just weren’t on board with that.

“The girls and I didn’t like that idea because it is a girl’s trip, so no boys and kids should be coming,” she reasoned.

“But my friend said they have to come.”

ValentinValkov – – illustrative purposes only

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