Her Roommate Is Unemployed, Doesn’t Pay Rent, And Has Been Eating All Her Food, So She Wants To Start Ordering Only Takeout In Order To “Starve Him Out” And Get Him To Leave Their Place

Goffkein - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 23-year-old woman has been living with her male roommate, who is 24, for three years now. And in the beginning, everything was great.

But then, her roommate began taking drugs, battling mental health issues and wound up hospitalized for his mental health. According to her, he also continued on a downward spiral from there– becoming unemployed.

Since then, living with her roommate has been seriously frustrating her, too. For instance, one thing that seriously ticks her off is how her roommate constantly takes her food.

“I work really hard at my job, and all he does is sit at home, eating all of my food,” she explained.

“And I usually buy some just for him, but he eats mine anyway.”

She’s even tried labeling her items, asking her roommate not to eat them, and calling him out when he’s done it anyway. Regardless, her roommate just keeps doing it, and nothing works.

“It’s almost malicious at this point, eating my food minutes after I told him not to,” she added.

To make matters even worse, her roommate doesn’t clean or help out around their place. He also doesn’t pay rent anymore and just ignores her– both over the phone and in person.

However, since they are both on the lease, she has no choice but to live with him and cover the rent entirely by herself. Or else she will also get evicted.

Goffkein – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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