She Was 9 Months Pregnant And Didn’t Even Know Until She Went To The Hospital Thinking Her Appendix Burst - - illustrative purposes only

A young woman thought she had appendicitis, but it turns out she had been pregnant all along, and her stomach pain was due to her going into labor.

You may be wondering how the heck a woman can carry a child for nine months without knowing she’s pregnant.

While this kind of situation doesn’t happen very often, it’s still common enough to have inspired television shows about it.

In addition, studies have shown that one in 2,500 births happen under this circumstance, where women are unaware of their pregnancies until labor occurs.

Back when TikToker Kayla Simpson was a sophomore at Indiana University, she went to the hospital nine months after having a good time at a party.

She was convinced that her appendix was bursting, but doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong at first.

While they were doing an ultrasound, Kayla’s mom noticed something familiar-looking on the screen.

That’s when Kayla started screaming in pain, and the doctors rushed to prepare for her to give birth.

She had her baby in almost no time at all. For Kayla, labor lasted only fifteen minutes. She explained that she didn’t detect any changes to her body during pregnancy. In fact, she had actually lost weight, and her time of month was normal. – – illustrative purposes only

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