She Was The Only American Woman To Win A Gold Medal At The 1948 Olympic Games, As Well As The First Black Woman To Ever Win An Olympic Gold Medal

After her victory, Alice received congratulations from former President Harry Truman and attended a party held by jazz musician Count Basie. Unfortunately, since Alice got her gold medal while America was still segregated, she didn’t get as much of the praise she truly deserved back then.

Alice retired from her athletic career when she was 24 years old and went to Albany State College to receive her bachelor of science in Home Economics and a minor in science. After graduating in 1949, she became a teacher and track-and-field coach. She married and had two children.

Years into retirement, she was inducted into several halls of fame, including the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Hall of Fame and the National Track-and-Field Hall of Fame. In 1994, she founded the Alice Coachman Track and Field Foundation to supply young athletes with financial aid.

Alice passed away at 90 in July 2014. She had a brilliant career and was an inspiration to so many.

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