Her Husband Befriended A Female Gas Station Worker Who Started Gifting A Ton Of Expensive Clothes For Their Newborn, So She’s Now Starting To Feel Uneasy And Suspicious About Their Friendship

Petro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In July, this woman and her husband moved to her husband’s hometown. When they moved, her husband began working for a company directly across the street from a gas station that he would often go to.

Throughout the last several months, her husband has remarked on how he’s learned the names of all the gas station employees, and all of the employees are women.

Her husband told her that the older women who work at the gas station adore him, and he often spoke of one older woman in particular.

“I’ve been in there a few times, personally, and never once saw an older woman there, but there’s also a small restaurant there, so I just figured that maybe the woman he is talking about works in the kitchen or something,” she said.

In September, she gave birth to a baby girl. For the first month after she had their daughter, her husband stopped talking about this woman, but as of late, he’s started to mention her again.

Usually, her husband brings up the woman in a joking manner.

For example, while talking about how he didn’t want to spend money, he said that he should go to the gas station this woman works at to buy beer because since this woman adores him so much, she probably wouldn’t even make him pay for it.

At the time, these comments didn’t bother her.

“But then, he comes home with gift bags full of brand-new clothes, or I will notice new clothes in our daughter’s room that we definitely didn’t have before. So, I finally asked him where this stuff came from, and he was kind of weird when he told me that the woman from this gas station got them for the baby,” she explained.

Petro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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