She And Her Best Friend Finally Asked Their Roommate To Shower On A Marine Biology Trip Because The Stench Of Body Odor Got So Bad, But Their Roommate Just Accused Them Of Bullying To Their University

Yakobchuk Olena - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 23-year-old woman and her best friend, Holly, 21, understand that some people who struggle with sensory issues have a difficult time taking showers regularly.

According to Chloe, 21, who is in their Marine Biology class, she experiences this. As part of their class, they were given six months prior notice about an upcoming week-long trip.

During their trip, they would be rooming with two other students. Before the trip, she, Holly, and Chloe were close.

Normally, Chloe takes a bath every 10 days, and because of her sensory issues, her boyfriend assists in bathing her.

She and Holly hadn’t been aware of this before they roomed with Chloe for their trip.

“Nor did we receive a warning that she would not be planning to shower or brush her teeth for the duration of the trip. Marine biology is quite labor intensive and, of course, involves standing on the beach and literally in the ocean. This trip also involved mile-long walks every day to get to the beaches,” she said.

In her view, if Chloe had at least cleaned herself off with a baby wipe at the end of each day of their trip, the smell wouldn’t have been as intense.

“It was straight-up onions, vinegar, and BO. I threw up twice because of it. Actually, it’s the worst smell from something living I’ve ever smelt. At this point (four days of walking and climbing rock pools), we could no longer deal with the smell at all. Even our other peers who would WALK PAST the room would gag. I really am not being dramatic,” she explained.

Rather than applying deodorant or antiperspirant, Chloe would habitually spray perfume on her armpits and feet, which would only intensify the bad odor even further.

Yakobchuk Olena – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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