A Tennessee Family’s House Was Sucked Into A Tornado With A Mother And Two Children Still Inside, And They Were Miraculously Pulled From The Wreckage

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Surviving a natural disaster and trying to rebuild your life afterward is an incredibly difficult thing to do, especially if you have a family to look after. 

One family in Tennessee is pleading for help after their house was torn apart and sucked into a tornado while a mother and two kids were in it. 

People in the South recently suffered from a series of tornadoes earlier this month. On December 9th, a tornado hit Clarksville, Tennessee, which is where the home of the Moore family was located.

Sydney Moore is a 22-year-old mom who lived in a mobile home park on Biglen Road with her fiancé Aramis Youngblood, and their two sons, Princeton, who is one-year-old, and Lord, who is four-months-old. 

When the tornado suddenly hit, Sydney was in the back of the trailer with Princeton as the intense winds began to pick up their home.

The walls of their home began to fall apart, and Sydney had to jump to cover Princeton to prevent him from getting sucked away. Aramis recalls seeing Lord pulled from his bassinet by the winds, pulled into the twisting tornado.

Miraculously, with the help of emergency responders, Sydney, Aramis, and their two sons were all pulled safely from the wreckage. Sydney and Princeton were pulled out of their damaged home, while Lord was found in a fallen tree.

Aramis suffered a broken arm and shoulder, and Lord had a gash on his ear and a minor concussion. Other than that, everyone had minor scrapes and bruising but nothing more serious.

However, they did lose their home and most of their belongings, as well as their family cat, Balue, who went missing during the storm. They also lost their car and have been living in a hotel. 

rasica – – illustrative purposes only

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