He Told His Sister It’s Sad She’s Crying Over Guys And Hookups When She’s Pushing 40

Alex Vog - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 17-year-old guy has a sister who is two decades older than he is. Even though his sister is close to 40, he’s appalled that she constantly acts like she’s nothing more than a teenager.

She doesn’t have a job, and she lives at home with their parents. She’s basically been living off their mom and dad ever since she dropped out of college after just one semester.

His sister spends all of her time finding guys online to hook up with, and then she cries to him whenever she’s led on or ghosted completely.

When she’s not busy hunting for guys online, his sister enjoys going out, drinking way too much, and coming home hungover.

It’s also extremely annoying to him that his sister scrolls through TikTok to find new sayings people his age use, such as the term “girl’s girl.”

“Altogether, it’s a bit cringe,” he explained. “Pathetic. I realize that life happens at different paces for different people, but to me, being almost 40, never having worked a day in your life mooching off your parents for almost 20 years, and chasing after and crying about boys like you’re a teenager is just sad.”

“Quite a few people by that age are settled and stable in their lives, and sure, life happens, but not even trying is just odd to me.”

“The other day, she was telling me about how one of her friends wasn’t a ‘girl’s girl’ because she slept with a guy my sister had an eye on, and she feels depressed.”

He had heard enough and was irritated, so he snapped at his sister that she’s no longer 18 and hasn’t been for close to 20 years.

Alex Vog – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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