His Girlfriend Is Planning On Grabbing Lunch With A Guy She Used To Hook Up With While He’s Away

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For a year and a half now, this 24-year-old guy has been dating his 27-year-old girlfriend, and he’s currently out of town.

His girlfriend just told him that she’s going to be grabbing lunch with a guy she used to hook up with, and he’s not happy about this at all.

What makes it even worse for him is that his girlfriend only said she was going out with a friend and refused to name him until he pushed her to say who it was.

Now, he knows that this guy was someone his girlfriend used to hook up with all the time before he met her, and he’s pretty positive that things ended between his girlfriend and this guy because she developed feelings for him.

“She’s never once made me suspicious, never once made me question her loyalty, though I know what most men are like, and that is deceitful and untrustworthy when women are involved, or at least that is the case in my experience,” he explained.

“Seeing as she has never made me question anything, should I be bothered that she is seeing this specific guy?”

“I feel that I have been cold with her since she told me her plan, but don’t know if my mood is warranted, I can’t snap out of it, and I feel it’s now affecting our relationship because I am moody over it.”

It’s really stressing him out that she’s going out for lunch with this guy, and he really wishes she would not even go in the first place.

But, he feels like it’s not reasonable at all to ask her to skip out on seeing a friend, even if this friend is someone his girlfriend used to sleep with all the time.

TravelMedia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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