She Was A Brave Warrior And Ruled The Celtic Iceni Tribe, Gathering A Rebel Army Of Over 100,000 People To Take Revenge On The Romans After They Stormed Her Late Husband’s Land

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Powerful, fierce women have been around for centuries, but their stories often get overshadowed by prominent men from their time periods.

For instance, do you know who Queen Boudica, the Iceni tribe ruler and brave warrior, was?

Researchers believe Boudica was born around 25-30 CE, but much of her life before the Roman conquest is unknown.

She was born into a noble family in England and eventually married Prasutagus, king of the Celtic Iceni tribe.

After marrying him, she became the tribe’s queen, and they ruled side-by-side. They also had two daughters together.

When Prasutagus died around 60 CE, he divided his kingdom in half, giving one to the Roman Emperor Nero and the other to his daughters.

However, the Romans were not pleased with this plan and stormed Prasutagus’ land, wanting to take it for themselves.

During the Romans’ plight, they seized property and items from the Iceni and made a mockery of Boudica by publicly flogging her and taking advantage of her daughters.

Furious by the actions of the Romans, Boudica swore to take revenge and began plotting what is known as Boudica’s Revolt.

acceleratorhams – – illustrative purposes only

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