The Tiniest Turtle Species In The World Is Endangered, But One Nonprofit Organization Is Working Hard To Support Its Population In Its Native Region

One brilliant accomplishment of theirs is that they’ve built turtle fences and pitfall traps along the treacherous road to prevent the turtles from being hit by cars.

“With the installation of the turtle fence, more than 30 specimens were saved from being killed on the road, being translocated to form an assurance colony at the CUC,” is written on Turtle Island’s website.

“At Turtle Island, our assurance colony has recently achieved the world’s first captive breeding success of this species, with three hatchlings emerging from their eggs in early February of 2023.”

The efforts being made by Turtle Island and their partners for not only the Vallarta mud turtle but several other turtle species is nothing short of extraordinary. 

To learn more about Turtle Island and their work, you can visit their website here.

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