She Told Her Boyfriend That She Loved Him, And Then He Dumped Her

Nomad_Soul - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Two months ago, this 22-year-old woman started dating her 25-year-old boyfriend. On their very first date, she was hardly impressed with him, but she still said yes to giving him another try.

She actually changed her mind after going out with several different guys, and she realized he was really the best of all of them.

On her second date with her boyfriend, she thought they had a good thing going, and she was excited.

In the month after that, their dates got increasingly better, and she finally asked him if he would be interested in being exclusive.

He was thrilled to say yes and asked if he could actually be her boyfriend. She was so happy about this, and she started telling her family members and friends that she was seeing him.

However, things began to fall apart right after that conversation, and her boyfriend began pulling back. He also stopped planning dates for them to go on, and he stopped reaching out to her too.

He then made a strange joke about wanting to add another woman to their relationship, which only made her more concerned.

While she did consider talking to him about how upset she was with how things were going, she decided to wait and see how everything would pan out as she took a step back herself.

“Then, on Thanksgiving day, he said he was thankful to have me in his life and that I was the most beautiful and perfect girlfriend he could have hoped for,” she explained.

Nomad_Soul – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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