Right Before Pope Innocent X Fell Ill In 1654, She Convinced Him To Move All Of The Gold From The Vatican’s Reserve Into His Bedroom And Stole It All

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We’re shocked to not only learn about the story of this fascinating woman in history but also at the fact that a juicy Netflix series about her life hasn’t been made yet.

People are beginning to learn about the Italian woman Olimpia Maidalchini after her portrait went up for auction in London in 2019.

Olimpia was born to a tax collector. In 1608, when she was only a teenager, her father threatened to throw her into a convent.

So instead, she got married to one of the richest men in town. However, he passed away not long after, and she found herself both a widow and heiress to a massive fortune at the age of 21.

Soon after, she married Pamphilio Pamphilj, the descendent of a noble family, making her Lady Olimpia.

Through her new husband, she met her brother-in-law, a cardinal who wanted to succeed named Monsignor Giovanni Battista Pamphilj. Hungry for power herself, Lady Olimpia became Giovanni’s advisor and used her connections and wealth to advance his career through the Vatican.

In 1644, Olimpia bribed one of the most influential cardinals, and Giovanni was named Pope Innocent X.

Her control and influence over her brother-in-law did not stop there. Once Giovanni officially held the highest position in the Vatican, she used his power to her own advantage.

She infuriated other members of the Vatican when she set up her own office in the Papal palace and became incredibly involved in the Vatican’s affairs.

Mapics – – illustrative purposes only

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