Before You Chow Down On Super Bowl Sunday, A New Survey Has Revealed The Luckiest Grub For Game Day, As Well As The Foods That Just Bring Bad Vibes

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While some of us have to pretend to actually pay attention on gameday, there’s one thing everyone loves: the food.

With Superbowl Sunday right around the corner, you might have already placed a massive barbecue wing order at your favorite local joint or are planning to whip up some decadent buffalo chicken dip for the festivities.

But you might want to slow your roll for the sake of good luck. Former NFL player Eddie Jackson teamed up with St. Pierre, a brioche brand, and OnePoll to conduct a survey on the best “good luck” grub options for game day.

You might not be surprised to learn that hot dogs, chicken wings, and burgers all received the lucky stamp of approval. However, garlic bread and deviled eggs didn’t get so fortunate and were thought to bring bad luck.

The survey, which involved 2,000 sports enthusiasts, revealed that 44% hold food-related superstitions for major games. Plus, 85% of this group strictly sticks to specific dishes that they eat or serve on game day.

Thankfully, chips, popcorn, and pizza– everyone’s favorite finger foods– were all found to contribute positive vibes. Still, salsa, queso dip, and, perhaps shockingly, mozzarella sticks were all thought to be bad omens.

The survey further revealed that, aside from just food, 79% of sports fans adhere to specific rituals before a game in hopes of enhancing the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

For instance, 40% of fans like to wear a “lucky outfit;” meanwhile, 24% insist on occupying the same spot on the couch for every game.

Plus, to prevent jinxing their favorite team, 32% of respondents admitted to deliberately avoiding watching a game with certain people who they consider to be “unlucky.”

Carey – – illustrative purposes only

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