She Became The First Woman To Earn The Prestigious Silver Star For Valor In Combat Since World War II After Saving Numerous Lives From Enemy Fire In Iraq

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There are so many incredible women who have fought and worked in the military and don’t get the recognition they deserve.

For instance, have you heard of Leigh Ann Hester?

Leigh Ann Hester made history in the United States Military in 2005 when she won the prestigious Silver Star for valor in combat, making her the first woman to earn a Silver Star since World War II.

Leigh Ann is a Kentucky native who had her sights set on joining the military since she was a little girl. She had always looked up to people, especially women in uniform, and knew she wanted to be one someday.

She first joined the military in 2001 and eventually earned the title of Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester of the 503rd Military Police Battalion, Kentucky National Guard. In the early 2000s, Leigh Ann was deployed to Iraq, where she performed her heroic act.

During her time in Iraq, one day, Leigh Ann was doing one of her usual tasks, which was scanning a route near Baghdad for a supply convoy, when she and her squad were suddenly ambushed by enemy fire.

When Leigh Ann’s squad was attacked, her bravery and training kicked in, and she sprung into action. Leigh Ann directed her squad and led them away from the enemy fire into a flanking position.

After directing fire against the enemy ambush, she then began fighting on foot, entering the line of fire.

Thanks to Leigh Ann’s heroic actions, numerous lives were saved. Her impressive actions, bravery, and skills earned her the Silver Star Medal. She was the first woman to receive the medal since World War II and the first woman to earn it for combat valor.

Bumble Dee – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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