She Was Found Brutally Murdered In Her Ransacked Apartment, And Authorities Suspect Her Killer Was Searching For Something Specific In Her Home

Facebook - pictured above is Megan

This past October marked 29 years since Megan Johns, a young woman from Texas, was found tragically murdered in her apartment, and her killer still has not been caught.

It was 1994, and Megan was 29-years-old, living at the Apple Apartments complex on Walnut Hill Lane in North Irving. She was also working to better her life and help others do the same.

She had previously battled addiction but managed to get sober and remain clean for five years. Throughout her sobriety, she began working to help people in her community overcome their own similar struggles.

Megan was also known to be a very reliable coworker. So, when she failed to show up to work on October 5, 1994, her employer had a feeling that something was wrong.

Megan’s boss wound up calling Apple Apartments and prompting a maintenance worker to go and check on her. However, once the worker opened her apartment door, they were met with a shocking sight.

There, Megan’s body was lying face down and lifeless in the living room. She had been stabbed numerous times and suffered blunt-force trauma.

Authorities were then called onto the scene, but upon inspecting Megan’s apartment, they found no signs of forced entry. Nonetheless, the space was still “ransacked.”

There were obvious signs of struggle within the apartment, and both Megan’s purse– as well as everything that was inside– had been strewn across the living room floor.

This led investigators to believe that Megan’s killer was searching for something specific and may have even known her.

Facebook – pictured above is Megan

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