Her Sisters Left Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Home Alone For 45 Minutes While They Were Supposed To Be Babysitting, So She Said Her Sisters Are Never Allowed To See Her Daughter Again

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Have you ever been so mad at a relative that you threatened not to see them again? One woman recently got into an argument with her sisters after they left her daughter alone in her parents’ house and told them they’d never be able to see her again.

She’s 29 and has an eight-year-old daughter who goes by V. She also has two younger sisters, Kara, who’s 26, and Lois, who’s 23.

V’s father passed away a while back, so she’s been raising V as a single mom. However, she lives near her parents and sisters, as the four still live together.

“My sisters [and I] have all been pretty close,” she said.

“We had done everything together when we were younger. As for my daughter, she hates being alone ever since her father passed, and she clung to my side for a long time before she started to become more independent.”

The other day, she dropped V off at her parent’s house so they could watch her while she ran errands.

When she got there, Lois answered the door and said that her parents were at the grocery store, but she could watch V until they returned. She was fine with this, as Lois and Kara have babysat for her several times before. 

She was able to run her errands, but just as she was about to head back to her parents’ house, she got a frantic phone call from Kara, who said that V was acting like a “brat” and she’d have to get her as soon as possible.

“I rushed over there and saw my parents yelling at my sisters and my daughter on the porch crying,” she recalled.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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