She Nearly Landed Herself In Jail While On A Cruise After She Defended Her Mother From A Rude, Name-Calling Passenger

Andrey_Arkusha - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For out-of-control passengers on cruise ships, onboard jails are one of the ways they are dealt with. TikToker Theresa Rowley (@littledrownedrat) is talking about how she nearly landed in “cruise jail”—a special compartment in the belly of a cruise ship for those who commit crimes at sea—after a woman insulted her mother.

In her video, which has amassed over 22 million views, she had just returned from a seven-day cruise.

She explained that she always went on cruises with her 67-year-old mother, Cindy, and this was the fourth cruise they had ever been on.

Their favorite thing to do on cruises is to go to the piano bar. At a piano bar, a grand piano sits in the center of the room with a bar that wraps around it.

Behind the bar, there are multiple seating areas. She described the performer at this particular piano bar as “phenomenal.” Every night, she and her mother would visit the piano bar to enjoy the music.

On the third night, a woman happened to snag the seat next to Theresa. She talked throughout the entire performance, rudely yelling across the bar and at the performer.

When someone requested a specific ballad, she booed the performer for being boring and made a show of pretending to fall asleep.

Halfway through the set, the performer announced that he would play one more song before taking a break.

He played “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, which Theresa recalled was “stunning.” However, the woman kept chattering away beside her.

Andrey_Arkusha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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