She’s A Server Who Caught Parents Ordering Multiple Alcoholic Drinks For Their Teenage Daughters And Had To Get Them Cut Off - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Every person who’s been a server for several years has their fair share of crazy customer stories. Some of them involve customers doing something that’s high-key illegal.

One TikTok user recently shared the story of how she had to stop a pair of parents who were ordering alcoholic beverages for their teenage daughters at their table.

Carissa (@carissaadanielle) is a waitress and TikTok user who shares some of her wildest stories from her job.

Recently, during a rant about a particularly difficult night at work, she talked about parents crossing a risky boundary at dinner earlier this month.

Carissa was already having a rough night at work after a check mishap at one of the tables she served. Then, things became more chaotic. 

Two couples brought in their teenage daughters and sat together at a table in her section. However, they all already had their first round of drinks with them. She noticed the girls were drinking two frozen drinks that looked like cocktails but figured they were mocktails and thought nothing of it.

Throughout the night, the couples and their daughters wandered through the restaurant, as it had live music, and people were often up and down to dance and move around. 

One of the husbands stopped Carissa at one point and ordered two frozen margaritas. Although his wife wasn’t at the table, Carissa figured the drinks were for the both of them and brought them to their table. Later, she looked at their table and saw the frozen margaritas in front of the couple, so she didn’t think anything suspicious was happening.

When the adults ordered another round, Carissa brought them more drinks and continued her busy shift. Then, as the night progressed, she saw something troubling. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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