After Her Father Stopped At A Gas Station In 1989, She Disappeared Right Out Of Their Car

Facebook - pictured above is Amy

August 5, 1989, began like any other day for 13-year-old Amy Sue Pagnac and her father, Marshall Midden, of Maple Grove, Minnesota.

The pair went up to their family farm, located in Isanti County, Minnesota, to spend the Saturday afternoon. Then, on their way back to Maple Grove, Marshall stopped at a Holiday Inn gas station in Osseo, which was located just two miles from their home, at about 4:30 p.m.

At that point, he went inside to use the restroom. Then, upon returning, he realized that his car was still parked in the same spot, but Amy was nowhere to be found.

Marshall subsequently searched for his daughter, yet she wasn’t in the women’s restroom, the nearby bakery, or clothing shop and hadn’t gone to the local school playground. He ultimately called his wife and Amy’s mother, Susan Pagnac, in a panic.

“He said, ‘I should have never gone in the bathroom. I should have never used the bathroom,'” Susan recalled.

Following her disappearance, authorities initially thought she might have just run away from home. Apparently, Amy reportedly ran away multiple times that summer after dealing with some undisclosed problems.

However, she always returned home within a short time and had been “acting normal” during the month leading up to her disappearance. So, Amy’s mother knew something was wrong.

“She would not have stayed gone. She was quite happy; she was looking forward to starting eighth grade,” Susan told Fox 9 in 2019.

Amy’s disappearance is no longer classified as a runaway case. But she’s been missing for over 34 years, and there are still few answers as to why.

Facebook – pictured above is Amy

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