She Believes She Got Fired From Her Corporate Job For Being Too Efficient And Staying One Step Ahead Of Her Boss

GVS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In today’s job market, it feels like there are so many spontaneous layoffs happening in several companies, and people feel insecure about holding onto their jobs.

Sometimes, it seems as if people are getting let go for the most random reasons.

One TikTok user recently shared the story of how she was let go from her job, and she’s convinced it was because she was working too efficiently.

Mariela (@maryelloww) is a photographer and art director in Miami, Florida. In early February, she made a video about getting fired from her marketing and social media job.

“So I got fired from my job yesterday and one of the reasons why is because I’m too efficient,” says Mariela at the start of her video.

Mariela then goes on to explain that the day she was fired, her boss had all his employees in a meeting and told them they’d be having several meetings with the company’s director of sales to discuss some events they had coming up.

That was when Mariela realized that she had already finished everything her boss wanted to get done in several meetings with the director of sales.

“I’ve already done that work,” says Mariela.

“I logged into the website that they use to track events, and I saw that we were closing in April. I’ve already put that project into our project management software. I’ve already done all this work, and it did not require [setting] up bi-weekly meetings.”

GVS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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