She Threatened To Tell Her Brother’s Wife About His Affair Unless He Gave Her Inheritance Back, But Even After He Gave Her The Money, She Still Publicly Exposed Him As A Cheater

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 49-year-old woman has always had a tumultuous relationship with her older brother, who is 62.

“He’s always treated me like a second-class citizen in the family and spoke to me like dirt, made me feel like a bad mother, etc.,” she said.

Plus, after their aunt sadly passed away recently, her brother did the unthinkable by stealing her inheritance.

It all began after her aunt’s death when she found out her aunt had left her over $41,000. But, before she could claim the funds, her brother somehow “got his hands” on it and refused to hand it over.

While she was obviously furious at her brother, though, she soon uncovered one of her brother’s secrets and was able to use it as leverage to get her inheritance back. More specifically, she found out that her brother had a one-night stand with a different woman just three days before he tied the knot with his wife.

“And I decided to use this information to my advantage by threatening to tell his wife about his affair unless he gave me the money,” she recalled.

Eventually, her threat worked, too, and her brother finally handed over all of her money. Still, in the process, he kept belittling her, calling her pathetic and a bad mother. On top of that, he claimed that everyone would be better off without her and that their deceased mother would be “rolling in her grave” over her behavior.

“Something then snapped within me,” she revealed, “And I decided I wasn’t going to let him treat me like dirt anymore.”

That’s why, at her brother and his wife’s shared birthday party, she exposed her brother as a cheater in front of their entire family and friends. Since then, the truth has caused her brother and his wife to get a divorce, and her brother has disowned her for ruining their marriage.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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