She Chronicled The Curious Case Of Her Missing Roomba After She Couldn’t Find It And Later Realized Her Camera Caught The Device Escaping From Her Home And Rolling Down The Sidewalk

Rolandas - - illustrative purposes only

We are living in the future with our virtual assistant technology, robotic vacuums, and video-equipped doorbells. They help make our busy lives a little easier by keeping our homes more clean, secure, and organized.

However, these sophisticated devices sometimes seem to have minds of their own. For instance, Alexa has been reported to turn on unprompted in the middle of the night and give off ghostly laughs or make random searches on the internet.

In November of 2023, TikToker @betzyproduction documented a similar strange incident involving her Roomba. The homeowner had not been able to find her Roomba for two days, but when she checked the video footage that her Ring camera recorded, she saw the vacuum traveling down her front sidewalk.

Apparently, the Roomba had escaped after she left the front door open to move Christmas decorations in and out of the house. Usually, it would’ve stopped at the stairs. Luckily, it ran out of battery before it could get too far.

In a follow-up video, she shared a photo showing the damage the Roomba had suffered. The text overlay read, “It took a hit. Lost the bottom padding and both brushes cleaning these streets!”

Many viewers found the situation to be hilarious, joking about all the work the Roomba had been subjected to.

“The Roomba wants a raise. This is a walk-out!” one user exclaimed.

“Roomba says, ‘I’m out of here! Horrible benefits, lousy work conditions, 24-hour shifts, very low pay, I’m out!'” wrote another.

“Even the machines have had enough with this world. He out of there!” declared someone else.

Rolandas – – illustrative purposes only

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