She Chronicled The Curious Case Of Her Missing Roomba After She Couldn’t Find It And Later Realized Her Camera Caught The Device Escaping From Her Home And Rolling Down The Sidewalk

The fast-food restaurant Sonic Drive-In even commented on its official TikTok account, demanding to know how the vacuum got outside. In response, the TikToker wrote, “It was craving a Sonic cherry limeade with that wonderful Sonic ice.”

She posted another video, this time with her Roomba on its way back home, carrying food and drink from Sonic.

It also isn’t the first time her Roomba had made its way outdoors to freedom. Previously, it had gotten out onto her back deck and nearly fell off.

Now that her Roomba has developed a taste for the streets—and for Sonic’s cherry limeade—she must be more careful about leaving her front door open!


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? Freedom! ’90 – George Michael

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