While Working At A Mexican Restaurant, She And Her Coworkers Were Physically Attacked By A Group Of 11 Customers Who Stayed Past Closing Time Simply Because They Tried To Start Cleaning Up For The Night

Marcos - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Around five years ago, TikToker Marianne ( was working as a server at a Mexican restaurant. During one particular shift, the restaurant was completely empty except for a table of eleven people in her section. By then, the restaurant was closed. Everyone else had left, but they were still hanging out.

Marianne’s coworkers started cleaning up on the other side of the restaurant. The floor was difficult to sweep, so someone turned on the vacuum to clear away the debris.

One guy from the table got up and approached the manager, saying that they were trying to wrap up their conversations, so they would appreciate it if the vacuuming stopped until they were done.

The man had previously been nothing but super nice and respectful, so his request seemed totally out of character. The employees were surprised that he expected them to hold off on doing their jobs, especially since he knew the restaurant was closed.

For the next 30 minutes, Marianne and her coworkers sat around, waiting for the group to leave. Finally, her manager instructed her to talk to them about how the employees needed to finish their work.

Marianne politely told the people at the table that she and her coworkers would be cleaning up around the restaurant. She also emphasized that she was not asking them to leave.

Then, she turned around and headed back to the bar to sit and wait. Unfortunately, the same man from earlier confronted her and started yelling about what a terrible server she was.

He went on about how he had lived in the area his whole life and that they were ruining the restaurant. The manager asked the group to leave since they were getting a little rowdy.

The situation ended up escalating into a conflict. The 11 people began attacking Marianne, four other servers, the host, and the manager, pulling their hair, grabbing their faces, and calling them names.

Marcos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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