His Friend Expected Him To Pay $450 For Six Plates And Six Bowls He Handmade

Hanna - - illustrative purposes only

Not that long ago, this 29-year-old guy and one of his closest friends decided to take up pottery. He’s much more casual about this newfound hobby, while his friend has gotten super intense about what he’s crafting.

He really wanted to show his friend some support, and he also figured it would be awesome to have some unique pieces in his house, so he told his friend he was happy to buy some of his dishes for the new place he just got.

He informed his friend that he wasn’t sure what exactly he would need for his new place, and his friend mentioned he could create several bowls or plates for him. That was the extent of their conversation.

He didn’t think to ask his friend about what he would charge for his work, which in hindsight, he knows was a major mistake on his part.

“We were texting about it, and he sent me photos of a set he made specifically for me: 6 plates and 6 bowls,” he explained.

“They looked great, but then he mentioned the price – $450, with a “50% friends and family discount.” I was taken aback by the cost.”

“While I appreciate the effort and skill that goes into handmade items, $450 is a lot more than I was expecting to spend.”

He replied back to his friend, obviously shocked. He told his friend the money he wanted was much more than he had anticipated spending.

So, he said to his friend it was perhaps better for him to sell the set at the asking price so someone else could enjoy his work.

Hanna – – illustrative purposes only

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