He And His Friend Got Chased By A Fake Cop Who Then Stole His Bike

Feelm - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this man was 13 or 14-years-old, he and his childhood best friend, Anthony, had a scary encounter.

Growing up, he and Anthony frequented the many walking and biking trails and forested areas, lucky enough to be located a 10-minute walk away from his house.

Anthony lived in the neighborhood across from him, so he often walked over to Anthony’s house to ask him to go bike riding. They enjoyed spending so much time outside.

One day, he and Anthony biked to the lake, which was a popular hangout spot for residents. Next to the local library was a trail that led up to the lake, and they decided to hang out at the trail’s entrance because it was right next to a tunnel that ran under the street above it. They chose this shady spot so that they could listen to music on their iPods with good amplification.

The tunnel was about 20 feet long, and the only easily accessible path to get back up to the street above it was a paved path to the side.

Also, the trail near where he and Anthony were hanging out was a gravel trail with trees on either side. There were no easy ways to get off of the trail while on a bike besides designated entrances and exits.

Everything was normal at first, but things quickly changed for the worse.

“Anthony and I were hanging out on the opposite side of the tunnel from the trail entrance so as not to bother any families getting on the trail with our music. We had our bikes leaned up on the side of the tunnel when I noticed a man coming through the opposite end, right next to the trail entrance. He entered the tunnel and, once he was about 15 feet away, called out, ‘I’m a police officer!'” he said.

Instantly, he and Anthony knew that this man was not, in fact, a police officer.

Feelm – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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