Safeguard Your Garden Against Cute But Pesky Chipmunks With These Humane Methods For Keeping The Critters Under Control

Susan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual chipmunk

Gardening is truly a labor of love. So, watching intruders wreak havoc on your hard work can be really upsetting.

One rodent in particular, the chipmunk, is especially drawn to gardens for the very same reasons we create them: they offer a plentiful supply of food and safe shelter.

Your outdoor space is home to an array of seeds, bulbs, fruits, and insects, which are staple items in a chipmunk’s diet.

Plus, the lush foliage and varied landscape offer excellent cover from predators, making your garden a prime spot for them to live and feed.

But, if you’re sick of watching these adorable – albeit annoying – animals harm your yard, here are some humane methods to keep these creatures out.

How Do Chipmunks Cause Chaos In Your Garden? 

Everyone knows that chipmunks are cute. However, the damage they can create should not be understated.

These tiny animals dig burrows that can undermine patios, stairs, and even foundations. Their taste for bulbs and young plants can also ruin your flower beds and vegetable patches.

Furthermore, chipmunks might gnaw on fences, garden furniture, and even irrigation systems in their quest for materials or food.

Susan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual chipmunk

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