Her Husband Lied And Didn’t Pay Their Mortgage For Close To A Year, So They Might Lose Their House

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Several days ago, this 34-year-old woman made a shocking discovery. Apparently, her 41-year-old husband hasn’t been paying their mortgage for the last eleven months.

She trusted that he was making sure the mortgage was covered, but he lied to her face about it, so they might lose their house.

Now, she and her husband have separate finances and their own bank accounts. The only things they are both on are her husband’s car and their home.

Her husband makes twice what she does, and they divide up their bills in a way that they both think is equal.

They each have credit card debt that they acquired before knowing one another, and they are working to pay that off.

“One of the things he covers is the mortgage in full,” she explained. “He works in accounting, and I work in education.”

“I have never been great at managing my money, so he does my monthly budget for me, has access to all of my accounts, and knows what my debts are. There has always been a veil of secrecy around his situation, but he has always assured me everything was fine on his end; money was always tight, but he was always almost caught up.”

“When I would ask specific questions, he would get kind of defensive, and I felt it wasn’t worth digging for more info and took his word on things. Taking his word on things was pretty naive of me, considering our biggest issues in the past had revolved around him lying.”

Back when she began dating her husband, he mentioned he was trying to complete his master’s degree, but she later learned he was only completing his bachelor’s.

slavun – – illustrative purposes only

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