His Kids Are Furious With Him For Selling His Late Wife’s Special Cake Recipe To A Bakery

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Very sadly, this man’s wife passed away three years ago. They did have two children together, who were in their late 20s at the time of his wife’s passing.

In the years since he lost his wife, things have been hard on him, and now that his kids are no longer living at home, it’s even more difficult than he could have imagined.

Now, his wife used to always make him a wonderful dark chocolate cherry cake.

“It was my favorite thing that she would make, and I always requested it for Father’s Day,” he explained.

“I am a [terrible] baker, and I have tried to remake it from her notes. The notes are not very clear, and it never turns out correct. It is depressing spending so much time and it being wrong.”

“I have asked my two kids to try and make it but they have refused to. I was told that they will not figure out the recipe and to stop asking. I went to a local bakery and asked for them to figure it out.”

The bakery said that they would be happy to figure out the recipe, as his wife wrote down ingredients but not exact measurements, so it was a tough act to follow.

The bakery had one single request for him, though: if they could figure out his wife’s recipe, they wanted the ability to sell her cake in their store.

Luckily, the bakery ironed out his wife’s recipe in a flash, and they made it for him to taste. Their recipe is essentially an exact replica of his wife’s. They also were happy to give him a copy of their recipe.

Dina Photo Stories – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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