She’s Been Crying Every Day Since Her Best Friend Kissed Her Husband

Vane Nunes - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 28-year-old woman has been married to her 27-year-old husband for four years, and they have been together for six years overall. They have two children, three and one.

Their relationship is literally perfect, and she believes her husband is the best father and husband around.

She is still so in love with him, and she can tell it’s reciprocal. Every single night, she adores going to sleep wrapped up in his arms.

This past weekend, she and her husband invited a few friends over for a backyard barbecue. At one point, her husband went inside before they ate to grab more drinks and use the bathroom.

She never picked up on her best friend following after her husband when he ducked into the house.

“When he was coming back out, my best friend hid behind the wall separating our kitchen and living room and surprised him by pulling him and forcing a kiss,” she explained.

“My husband immediately pushed her back and yelled…she immediately started crying and ran out of the house and left. My husband came back into the backyard and asked to speak to me privately and immediately told me what had just happened.”

“I was shocked and told him that it would be okay and that we could talk after everyone else left. I managed to put on appearances for the next couple of hours, but I was mentally distraught.”

After their friends went home that night, her husband gave her more details and then pulled up the video footage from their living room security camera to show her.

Vane Nunes – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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