His Sister Blew Up When He Made It Clear She Can’t Bring Her Destructive Dog To His Wedding

Lait_ph - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

In just a couple of months, this 26-year-old man will be getting married, and the planning process has kept him quite busy.

One thing he’s been worried about is his 28-year-old sister and her dog. His sister is completely obsessed with her dog, who is a badly trained, large Bernese Mountain Dog.

While the dog is cute, he’s completely demonic and destructive, but his sister insists on taking her dog absolutely everywhere with her.

His sister brings her dog to family gatherings, even though all of their loved ones have tried to stop her from doing so.

Some of his family members have literally asked his sister to please not bring her dog along with her, but she ignores them.

“For context, her dog has caused a lot of problems in the past,” he explained. “At my cousin’s wedding, her dog knocked over an elderly guest and tore up some of the decorations.”

“At our family’s holiday dinner last year, it ate part of the turkey off the table when no one was looking. My sister always brushes it off, saying her dog is just energetic and friendly.”

When it came time for him to mail out his wedding invitations, he invited his sister but not her dog.

He is aware that his sister will simply bring her dog to his wedding even if he makes it obvious she’s not allowed to do that.

Lait_ph – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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