She Admits That Having A Child Destroyed Her Marriage

Louis-Photo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For 12 years now, this woman and her husband, Ben, have been married, and their marriage was absolutely amazing up until they made a choice to have a child.

They welcomed their daughter Hannah into the world three years ago, and that is when everything changed for the worse.

“Our daughter was planned, and we had a wonderful pregnancy together,” she explained. “He came to every appointment and was just a very good partner.”

“The day she was born, a flip switched instantly on our marriage. He had an extremely hard time adjusting.”

“He wanted nothing to do with her; he helped me out but would throw an attitude. He didn’t do well with no sleep and would pick at me and be just terrible.”

Four days after she gave birth, Hannah messed up her bed, and she woke up Ben, asking him to help her clean up.

Ben screamed at her and said she should do it all herself. She was sobbing as she changed Hannah’s sheets, and Hannah started yelling.

She felt terribly helpless, and she doesn’t think she can ever get over that moment in time, even though it happened several years ago.

Throughout Hannah’s first year, Ben was an awful dad, and he claimed he was depressed. They argued nonstop, but after Hannah celebrated her first birthday, everything improved.

Louis-Photo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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