There Are Few Cultural Icons As Famous As Queen Cleopatra, And Here’s Everything You Should Know About Her

kharchenkoirina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

There are few cultural icons as famous and influential as Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen. Her dramatic tale, often depicted in historical texts, novels, movies, television shows, and plays, continues to have a profound and enduring influence on pop culture.

If you have seen photos of Cleopatra or perhaps a scene or two from the Elizabeth Taylor movie but don’t know much about her story, here is a brief telling of her tale.

Cleopatra was born in Egypt in 69 BC – 68 BC. When her father, Ptolemy XII, died in 51 BC, she took the throne as co-regent alongside her young brother Ptolemy XIII. It is believed she may have married Ptolemy XIII, which, back then, was an old royal tradition back then.

Cleopatra was approximately 18-years-old when she ascended to the throne, while her brother was only around 10 years old, so she quickly became the more dominant ruler.

In 48 BC, Egypt became involved in the conflict between Julius Caesar and Pompey in Rome. Pompey had fled to Egypt’s capital, Alexandria, where he was executed under the order of Ptolemy.

When Julius Caesar eventually arrived in Egypt, his famous love affair with Cleopatra began.

The relationship benefited both of them, as Cleopatra wanted Caesar’s military protection and influence to stay on the throne, and he needed her wealth to pay off his debt and become more powerful in Egypt.

Cleopatra and her brother were having major conflicts and experienced a power struggle at the time. But, because of her close ties to Julius Caesar, there was a civil war between the two siblings, and with the Roman military on her side, Ptolemy lost the battle and was drowned.

Cleopatra retained the throne, and her younger brother, Ptolemy XIV, was named her co-ruler.

kharchenkoirina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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