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    Is Anna Kendrick Going To Play Squirrel Girl?

    This month we’ve got Harley Quinn, and we’ll have Wonder Woman soon, but forget all that for a second — you’d better get ready for Squirrel Girl. Like most people, you are probably asking who the heck that is. Well, she’s an awesome comic book hero who debuted in 1992’s Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 2, no. 8. She […]

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    Game of Thrones is Getting a Concert Tour Next Spring

    Remember the Star Trek concert tour from earlier this year? Well, that’s part of the greater trend of rad TV and movie scores getting the live treatment (usually accompanied with scenes, for the full effect), and what better TV show to add to that trend than Game of Thrones? Ramin Djawadi’s score is getting the full orchestral […]

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    Disney Mix is a Kid-Friendly Messaging App for Disney Fans

    Over the weekend, Disney pushed out their latest app. The messaging app market is already pretty crowded, but Disney Mix is adding to its ranks. Fair enough — it’s not like competition between messaging apps has any real meaning to Disney. Actually, that’s good news for the app — not needing to compete means Disney can have […]

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    23 Disney-Inspired Handbags Fit for a Princess

    I don’t know about you, but I am all about accessories. Pair that with Disney themes and I’m going to need another closet because I’m not going to be able to control this spending habit! From wallet-friendly to there goes my whole paycheck, we have an option to fit every budget. Handbags might not be […]

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    Meryl Streep Might be Joining the Cast of the New Mary Poppins Movie

    We’re getting to be pretty wary of sequels and reboots around here, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say, appropriately enough, that our hopes are floating high with Mary Poppins Returns. The original, as per usual these days, didn’t really beg a sequel, but if we must have one, it’s nice to know it’s being […]

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    Australians Are Being Told Not To Mark Jedi As Their Religion

    Australia has a long but limited tradition of its citizens having a laugh at the census by marking Jedi as their religion. Only about 65,000 marked down Jedi (can’t seem to find numbers on the Sith) during the 2011 census, compared to a population of 22.34 million countrywide, making the joke seem pretty harmless. Still, […]

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    Disney is Remaking Splash With Channing Tatum as a Merdude

    In a move that tells me a Mannequin remake/reboot/second sequel/whatever must now be considered inevitable, Disney is moving forward with a Splash remake. Splash was that one movie from 1984 with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah as a mermaid; you’ve probably watched it in bits and pieces on TBS at least once since then. Well, fun fact — Splash was a […]

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    If Disney Princesses Played Pokémon

    In a world where Kingdom Hearts exists, is it really impossible? I don’t know if we’ll ever see the kind of Pokémon x Disney crossover these fan artists have dreamed up, but it’s good to know there’s a strong foundation for one! Given their rich history of friendship with the animal kingdom, we’re thinking Disney princesses would […]

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    If Pokémon Popped Up in Classic Movie Scenes

    Not content to take over our world, Pokémon are now invading the world of film thanks to — what else? — the magic of photoshop. DesignCrowd, a site that links up freelance designers with potential clients, called for submissions of Pokémon shopped into classic films, and unsurprisingly, the crowd delivered. I’ll be honest, I was expecting to roll my […]

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    The Rocketeer is Getting a Sequel With a Black Woman in the Lead Role

    Remember The Rocketeer? Maybe, maybe not, but one thing’s for certain — it came out in the ’90s. You know what that means. Disney’s slow-starting, now-beloved art deco adventure is being revived, but don’t call it a reboot. Disney is working on The Rocketeers, which is being written as a direct sequel to the original movie. The Hollywood Reporter has […]

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    What Disney Characters Would Look Like With Tattoos

    Disney characters are the epitome of clean-cut and perfect. Could you imagine a world where your Disney favorites sported tattoos and even piercings? It’s hard to believe, but here they are, all inked up and grown up courtesy of the talented and imaginative artists Diego Gómez and Laura Evelyn Edwards! Can you say bad to […]