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    26 Fan Art Takes on Marvel Characters That Belong in a Museum

    Fan art and fine art are coming together! This week, we’ve got fan art from eight talented artists who have taken inspiration from some of the more recent masters. Megan Lara, and DeviantArt users HanieMohd, jackieocean, johntylerchristopher, Trish2, Kittensoft, and Norfire have all taken inspiration from the art nouveau and art deco styles, while Wonder Bros imagined […]

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    A Willy Wonka Prequel Could Be in the Works Very Soon

    Next up in the parade of prequels: Willy Wonka! This week, Variety reported that Harry Potter producer David Heyman and Warner Bros have secured the rights to Willy Wonka from the estate of author Roald Dahl, clearing the way for a prequel that would be the start of another film franchise. Throw those gummy worms at the wall […]

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    This $20,000 Pikachu Watch is Rarer Than a Shiny Mewtwo

    Last time we looked into Pokémon wearables, we found a buzzer on a fabric strap. This is a little fancier than a buzzer on a fabric strap. Swiss luxury watchmakers Romain Jerome has worked with The Pokémon Company to create a version of their Moon Invader watch with Pikachu on it. Very few are going to […]

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    Marvel Is Giving Hip-Hop Album Covers a Superhero Makeover

    Since last year, Marvel has been publishing the results of a really fun project. Hip-hop has always been infused with superhero references and tributes, both in album art and stage names, so Marvel figured they’d return the favor. They started by taking 50 famous hip-hop album covers and swapping in Marvel characters — some trying to […]

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    Leonardo DiCaprio Might Be Bringing Back Captain Planet

    Leonardo DiCaprio wants to take pollution down to zero. Well, a lot of us do, but that doesn’t seem to be happening, which I guess is the impetus behind this project. DiCaprio, along with his production company Appian Way, is working on securing the rights to Captain Planet ahead of a possible movie comeback. It doesn’t […]

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    J.J. Abrams Just Revealed a Huge Character Detail About Kylo Ren

    It’s a funny time for movies now. Instead of being self-contained units, we have franchises that go on and on, and the movies themselves aren’t usually the sole sources of information. With Rogue One being a prequel of sorts, we’re in the off year between Episode VII and Episode VIII of Star Wars, but the story still goes on. In the […]

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    15 Geeky Halloween Costumes You Will See Everywhere This Year

    It wouldn’t be Halloween without costumes for the geek crowd now would it? And, according to the National Retail Federation’s Halloween Consumer Top Costumes Survey, the 11-year reign of princesses ruling Halloween is over. Now, it’s all about the superheroes! Not only that, but Star Wars is holding down the fifth spot, while Batman characters alone account for […]

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    Now Disney is Producing Live-Action Aladdin and Mulan Remakes

    I think we can now say for sure that all of Disney’s classics are going to get live-action remakes sooner or later. Following news about live-action versions of Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King, news is getting out that Disney is making a live-action Mulan and has selected Guy Ritchie as director for Aladdin. The Hollywood […]

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    The First Power Rangers Trailer is Pretty Serious

    The upcoming Power Rangers movie has already been a little controversial with fans, thanks to wholesale changes to the suits and especially Rita Repulsa. But, then they started showing off the Zords, and those looked pretty dope, so things kinda got back to neutral. Well, the first teaser trailer for the movie is out now, and I […]

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    27 Out-of-this-World Superhero Rings

    We’ve brought you some awesome geeky rings before, but most of them have required a little more commitment than a lot of us are willing to make. That’s why we brought you some affordable geeky rings, but as it turns out, this market is more specialized than we thought! There are loads of rings out […]

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    Hello Kitty Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

    You’ve seen a lot of Hello Kitty toys and merchandise over the years. When she turned 40 years old in 2014 it seemed there was no stopping her when it came to weird, useless objects with her little face on them. But, nothing compares to the fan art depictions of our famous and fashionable cat. Thanks to […]

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    26 Affordable Geeky Rings You Never Knew Existed

    So, we’ve covered geeky rings of all sorts pretty comprehensively, but we’re realizing we’ve made a pretty grave mistake. Just about all of the rings we’ve featured have been for the purpose of getting engaged, and look, some of us just aren’t about that married life. For those of you who can put on a […]