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    Win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card by Tweeting #Spreadjoy

    Through a partnership with The Boys and Girls Club of America, AMD will donate a computer lab for a Boys and Girls Club of Austin if they receive 1,000 or more tweets including the hashtag #spreadjoy this week of Black Friday. AMD is also helping spread joy to holiday shoppers across the U.S. by sharing deals and steals […]

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    AMD’s Kaveri APU Processor — What You Need to Know

    AMD announced at CES the January 14 release of the first round of new processor chips, “Kaveri”. Kaveri is AMD’s most advanced APU, or CPU/GPU combo, to date. Kaveri utilizes a new technology known as HSA, heterogeneous system architecture, which effectively removes the idea of “CPU cores” and “GPU cores” and instead shares all the […]

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    AMD Trinity A-Series Promises More Powerful, Cheaper Laptops

    AMD has just announced their 2nd generation of A-Series APUs, codenamed “Trinity”. These new APUs will start making their ways into everything from mainstream and ultra thin notebooks, to All-in-one PCs, desktops, media center PCs, and more. These new APUs offer an increase of nearly 29% in CPU performance over the previous generation. But besides […]

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    HP Pavilion dm1z Review with AMD Fusion (Fall 2011)

    Last year we reviewed the HP Pavilion dm1z powered by AMD’s first generation of Fusion processors and were impressed with the amount of value and performance it offered at such a low price. Since then HP has rolled out an update to the popular dm1z, which brings significant design and hardware refinements to this budget […]

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    What Lies Ahead for AMD in 2012

    The past few months at AMD have been shaky. After laying off over 1500 employees, and bringing on a slew of new high ranking execs, many have been left wondering about the company’s future. We sat down with AMD’s Leslie Sobon during CES to talk about what lies ahead for AMD. It turns out that […]

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    AMD Updates Fusion APUs with Better Performance and Battery Life

    The Ultraportable war is heating up. AMD has announced an update to their AMD Fusion processors, or more specifically updates for their C and E-Series APUs Accelerated Processing Units. The updates bring improved battery life of up-to 12 hours for the C series and 10.5 hours for the E series, enhanced HD graphics capabilities, DDR3 […]

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    AMD and vReveal Attempt to Rival iMovie

    Thanks to the dropping prices on pocket video cameras, and smartphones with built-in video recording capabilities, more than ever people are recording and sharing video, especially HD video. But the problem with the video produced by these pocket and smartphone cameras is that the footage often ends up being a shaky mess. So while many […]

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    Sony Releases Colorful E and C Laptop Series

    Sony has two new series of laptops coming out, and both are quite lovely. In particular, we’re super fond of the new C series. The C series is available in two bold colors – neon red or thunder blue. Not only do these colors pop, but you’ll love their complimenting backlit keyboard. You also get […]

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    Will AMD Be The Tortoise That Wins the Tablet Race?

    This week at Computex, AMD finally went ahead and talked about their plans to start putting their chips inside of tablets. There has been a lot of speculation about when AMD would finally jump onboard the tablet bandwagon, so the announcement wasn’t too much of a surprise. The first tablets to be running on the […]

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    HP Pavilion dm1z Review

    Traditionally, there has been a large gap between ‘netbook’ and ‘ultraportable’ laptops. Netbooks cost anywhere from $200 to $400 and are quite underpowered. Ultraportables generally start at $900 and cost much more than a laptop with comparable performance. As of earlier this year AMD has drastically redefined the ultraportable market by releasing their affordable AMD […]

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    Sony VAIO Y Series Ultraportable Laptop Review with AMD Fusion

    The Sony VAIO Y Series laptop was one of the first laptops on the market to sport the AMD Fusion chipset. Unlike netbooks which are affordable, but also underpowered, the AMD Fusion series is designed to power ultraportable laptops and make them affordable, without sacrificing performance. The VAIO Y Series configuration that we tested runs […]

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    Why AMD’s GPU is Not Just for Gamers Anymore

    When it comes to shopping for a PC, the first thing that people consider for a system’s performance is the computer’s CPU, and then usually the system’s memory is the next component that they take into consideration. Unfortunately, the GPU is often neglected and not enough consideration is taken into getting a dedicated graphics card. […]