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    6 Apps To Help You Catch Him In The Act

    If you suspect your man is cheating, but you don’t have hard evidence, it’s hard to confront him. You don’t need to be a professional spy to get your hands on the texts he is sending to other women; you just need to know about these 6 apps and grab your smartphone to help you […]

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    Fertility Tracking Apps Increasingly Appear to Not Be Viable Contraceptive Methods

    On the home page of the popular contraceptive app Natural Cycles, you’ll see a message that reads “the only certified* contraceptive app.” That asterisk admits the app isn’t perfect at preventing unwanted pregnancies — the disclaimer says every year, 5 out of 1000 women get pregnant because they had sex on a day that the app marked […]

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    8 Smartphone Apps That Will Make the Holidays Brighter

    It’s time for the holidays, and whether you’re hosting the family or traveling this year, you’re probably going to be better off with a little technical assistance! There are tons of apps out there to make the season less stressful and way more enjoyable (way more enjoyable in some cases), but we’ve narrowed it down […]

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    Now You Can Get Kim Kardashian Emoji Wrapping Paper

    Looking for the perfect gift for your Kim Kardashian-obsessed friend. Well, we aren’t sure what to tell you there but we do know what you can wrap it in. The reality queen is now selling wrapping paper featuring her Kimoji characters from her super popular app. Of course, one of the rolls features just her very […]

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    Britney Spears Mobile Game Will Feature Fashion By Juicy Couture

    Juicy Couture is really having a moment. Earlier this month it was announced that those iconic Juicy Couture velour track suits of the early 2000’s would be making a comeback in an exclusive collection for Bloomingdales, and now it seems they will also be invading our phones. Britney Spears, one of the most frequent wearers of the […]

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    Cyber Dust is Like SnapChat, but for Texts

    If Mark Cuban funds it, it must be good, right? The Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank high chair occupier gave a solid chunk of cash to developers Mention Mobile, who have just released a new app called Cyber Dust – it’s just like Snapchat, except it does more. By all rights, Cyber Dust should […]

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    How to Completely Control Your Home with a Smartphone

    Thank you to Sprint for sponsoring this article. Get inspired by innovation and see what’s next at Sprint.com/faster. These days our smartphone is a lot more than just a communication device. Thanks to smart devices and their accompanying apps, our phone is also able to serve as a control center for our home. Traveling and […]

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    Sensible Baby SmartOne is a Super Powered Onesie

    Infant health sensors are definitely a big new market emerging out of the general sensor frenzy. Perhaps none so far have been as practical as the SmartOne from Sensible Baby. It’s a onesie fitted with sensors that your infant can comfortably wear, ensuring more consistent and accurate readings. The SmartOne basically works the same way […]

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    FreePrints App Offers 1,000 Free Prints from your iPhone

    As you know, smartphone cameras are no slouches these days. And, yeah, most of the time, pictures just stay on your devices, if you want to look at them. But, chances are you have a few old photo frames laying around, and more than a few relatives who don’t really do the whole computer thing. […]

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    Apps of the Week: SO.HO Takes on Facebook Home, Pandora on Windows Phone

    Android: SO.HO Launcher Who needs Facebook Home, anyway? If you’re big into Facebook, you still might. But, maybe you don’t have a Facebook Home-friendly phone. SO.HO Launcher is a handy alternative, with the admission that it doesn’t quite measure up to Home itself. SO.HO Launcher changes up your home screen into a launcher for Facebook […]

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    String Wars Puts Guitar Hero to Shame

    Some of you have been there. You finally five starred Through the Fire and the Flames on expert on Guitar Hero, one of the great video game achievements of the early 21st century. You were proud, and had every right to be. Then, that friend spoke up. “What are you doing? This game is stupid. […]

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    Ford Brings New Apps to Their Sync AppLink System

      Not content to let Chevy hog the in-car app spotlight at CES, Ford has announced nine new apps that will be compatible with its in-car Sync AppLink system. That brings the total up to 19, and all indications are pointing toward that number going up dramatically in the near future.

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    Facebook Splurges on Instagram for 1 Billion Dollars

    Facebook hasn’t been known for flashy acquisitions, but that changed yesterday when the social media giant purchased photo sharing site Instagram for $1 billion. There’s no doubt that Instagram, which allows users to apply various photo effects onto new or previously uploaded pictures, has exploded in popularity since its inception just under two years ago. […]

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    Apps Against Abuse Winners Set for Release Soon

    Last summer, the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services posed a challenge to app developers across the nation – to create an app designed to help prevent domestic and sexual violence against women. The winners of the Apps Against Abuse challenge were announced last November, and, after further development to be […]